Buying Requirement Terms

Firearms will only be shipped to valid Federal Firearms License holders. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Once the item or items of your choice are purchased and put in your shopping cart, and payment is
processed we will determine if any of these items require additional paperwork. (ALL FIREARMS
You as the consumer are responsible to provide the necessary paperwork, or contact needed
 to complete the transaction for shipping. We will not ship any firearms directly to your house, unless
you hold a valid FFL with that address.

It is the consumers responsibility to complete and pass all paperwork and background checks
required by all agencies including but not limited to Federal, State and local at the time of pickup.
The firearm dealer will normally charge a small fee for this service. In most cases it is $25.00 depending
on your area and dealer. Check around. If you can not locate a FFL holder we would be happy to
assist you. The fee for this is strictly between the FFL dealer and the customer. We do not collect
for this. It is due to the dealer at the time of pickup.

It is the consumers responsibility to be aware of all Federal, State, and local firearm laws pertaining
to your purchase in your city, county, or state. We will not ship any firearm that is in violation of any
laws where you reside.

All other items (except firearms) will ship when payment has processed. Normally 2-3 days. Tracking #
then forwarded to your provided email.